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Sidney, Grace, & the 149th Psalm.

November 20, 2011

“Let them praise his name with dancing…..”
-Psalm 149:3-


I didn’t take dance classes when I was a little girl.  Being the only girl sandwiched in between two brothers, I leaned more toward the tomboy direction.  So, I guess I just assumed that I wouldn’t put my girls into dance classes either.  In addition to not having a dance background myself, I also have some perceptions about girls dance classes that have made it – how shall I put it –  not so appealing.   I was under the impression that dance classes were very costly.  I was also under the impression that placing my girls into dance might mean that there would be a recital at some point where heavy makeup and expensive costumes (that aren’t the least bit age-appropriate) might be required.  As a result, I guess I just didn’t think that dance would be in my girls’ future.

All that being said, I LOVE to watch people dance.  It can be such a beautiful sight to witness.  I am a huge “Dancing With the Stars” fan, and I also find myself in the summertime taking time out of my day to catch “So You Think You Can Dance” whenever possible. I would also love to someday take a ballroom dancing class.  It sounds like so much fun.  However, convincing Bryan to take that class with me would probably not be so fun ; )  I can’t see him being nearly as excited as I would be!

My girls love to dance around the house.  They love music.  They love to dress up in leotards and tutus and flit about. So, not long ago, I began to wonder if I should research the world of dance a bit more for their sake.  Furthermore, since I know nothing about Grace’s biological parents, I have no idea where her strengths could lie.  Maybe her mom was an incredible dancer or had great musicality?  The fact is, I have no idea as to whether or not her parents were/are athletic, musical, graceful, good with their hands, artistic, strong, coordinated, etc????  No clue.  Because of that, I feel an increased sense of responsibility to give her as many opportunities to try as many different activities as possible to see where her strengths will lie.  Yes, I know she is only three.  So, this isn’t a pressing need!   But, it is something that I have already found myself thinking about that.

I did a small amount of research on dance opportunities in our area.  But, nothing really stood out to me as being something that would be appropriate (for a 3 and 5 year old) or affordable.  At that point, I just pushed the idea out of my mind.  I decided to just revisit the idea in a year or two.  But, not long after making that decision, I was talking with my friend/neighbor who has a three year old daughter.  Out of the blue, she mentioned that she was enrolling her daughter in a nearby dance studio called “Hands and Feet”.  It is run by two teenage girls who teach the classes in the basement of their home.  They have two classes for two different age groups.  One of the age groups was 3-5 (which conveniently includes both Sidney and Grace).  They meet once a week and only charge $20/per month.  So, you are basically paying $5/class.  And all of that money goes toward helping the two girls go on their annual mission trip to Haiti.  They choreograph their dances to worship music, so the girls are taught that dance can be a beautiful form of worship (how cool is that?!?!?).  Next spring, they will have a praise celebration/recital at which each age group of girls will perform two dances.  They aren’t required to buy expensive costumes.  They simply wear their leotards with matching $5 tutus from Target.

When I heard all of this, I knew that it was something I should check out.  It sounded like a perfect solution for the girls.  In addition to the benefits that this class could offer our girls, it was also great to know that all money given toward tuition would go toward a very worthy cause.  Once all details were confirmed, I decided to enroll the girls and give this a try.

Well, we are now 4 weeks into the class, and the girls are having so much fun.  They are also starting to pick up on some of the terminology.  I heard them talking about “sashay’s” the other day : )  I had to have them show me what they were.  I had no clue.

During the last 5 minutes of class each week, all of the moms are invited down into the basement to see what the girls have been working on for that day.  I was able to shoot a short video of last week’s mini-performance for us moms.  It turns out that one of the songs they will be dancing to is called, “Starry Night”…..which happens to not only be a beautiful worship song, but also the name of one of my favorite paintings by that Vincent fella.  Sweet!

I have watched it several times and it has made me smile each time.  I’m already looking forward to seeing the performance in its entirety this spring.  I’m grateful for this unique opportunity that has been given to my girls.  How beautiful it is to see them praising Him in such a sweet and simple way.


By Chris August

From the birds that sing, in the tallest trees.
To the human life, of you and me.
From the desert sands, to the place we stand.
He is God of all, He is everything.

I’m giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun.
Every starry night, that was His design.
I’m giving my life to the only Son, who was and is and yet to come,
Let the praises ring, ’cause He is everything,
‘Cause He is everything.

From the autumn leaves, that will ride the breeze,
To the faith it takes, to pray and sing.
From the painted sky, to my plank-filled eye,
He is God of all, He is everything.

I’m giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun.
Every starry night, that was His design.
I’m giving my life to the only Son,who was and is and yet to come,
Let the praises ring, ’cause He is everything.

I’m giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun,
On that starry night, He changed my life.
I’m giving it all to the only Son who gave me hope when I had none.
So let the praises ring,
Let the praises Ring.

‘Cause He everything.

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