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A MARVELous Mind

November 13, 2018

Rest in peace, Stan Lee.

Thank you for creating so many legendary Marvel comic book superheroes.

What a marvelous mind you had.

Jackson loved you.  Thank you for helping him, and so many other kiddos, see that there is a superhero inside each and every one of them, just waiting to come out…



First ICC Concert

November 12, 2018
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Sidney performed in her first formal concert
with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir yesterday. ❤️

She has taken her new role in this choir very seriously these past few months. Just as seriously as she takes her roles on the softball field and in the classroom. Watching her work hard and dedicate herself in all these areas, at such a young age, makes us so very proud…


A Prayer for Orphans

November 12, 2018

This morning, many Christian churches in this country observed what has become known as “Orphan Sunday”. As I thought about that today, images from our trip to River’s orphanage last November came flooding back. I can remember that day being an emotionally draining one for us all. 💔 I’ll never forget how bittersweet it was to watch our tender-hearted Sidney walk around River’s bedroom, stooping down at every crib, interacting with each and every child who hungered for her touch and her smile. It killed me then, and it still kills me today. I pray that the children we encountered in that room have now found (or soon will find) their forever families. Would you join me in that prayer, friends?

#OrphanSunday #AdoptionAwarenessMonth


Precious, precious girls…



River’s empty crib…


Orphan Sunday ~ 2018

November 10, 2018
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There are about 150,000,000 orphans in the world.

There isn’t a single person who can solve this crisis. No one can do everything, but each of us can do something. Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday. Please consider taking a moment to pray about what you could do to help, no matter how small. When small things are done with great love, big things happen! #AdoptionAwarenessMonth#OrphanSunday


World Adoption Day ~ 2018

November 10, 2018

It’s World Adoption Day. 💕
What better day to hop on here to say that the three cuties you see here are three of the greatest joys of our lives. Three gigantic pieces of our hearts. Three amazing gifts who have blessed us far more than we have blessed them. How thankful we are that God led us to each of them, and gave us the courage to say “yes” to the messy miracle of adoption, over and over again. Daily, we are reminded of all that we would have missed, if we had said “no”. Adoption isn’t something that all of us are called to enter into, but if you happen to be someone (or know someone) who is considering adoption, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. On behalf of the millions of orphans who are currently waiting for families, Bryan and I have chosen to be open books. We will share anything and everything you’d like to know about our family’s adoption experiences, in the hope that our stories might help just one more child find his/her forever family! #WorldAdoptionDay#AdoptionAwarenessMonth #EveryChildCounts



November 8, 2018

The need to be understood runs almost as deep as the need to be loved. I truly believe that.

Bryan and I try very hard to understand what it must be like to walk in Grace, Haven, and River’s shoes. We always have. But, the truth is, we will never fully know. The beginning of our lives looked very different than theirs. The beginning of each of their lives was marked by a great loss. An abrupt, unnatural parting. A seismic event. An earthquake of the soul with the potential to produce aftershocks and tremors that could be felt for years to come.

One of the reasons we have shared quite openly about our adoption stories is because we want our children to be understood not just by us, but also by their village of family and friends. Right behind our desire for them to be loved, is our desire for them to be understood. And how can we expect others to understand them if they don’t know anything about their past? So, we have shared. Rather openly.

As their parents, we view just about everything that they do through a special lens. It’s a lens that is theirs, and theirs alone. And it is tinted with what little we know about their pasts. Their differing lenses cause us to parent each of them differently. We try not to be one-size-fits-all parents, because there isn’t one single story running through our family. There are multiple ones.

I know that I speak for many adoptive parents out there when I simply say, “Thank you.” Thank you to those of you out there who continue to make concerted efforts to understand children who come from hard places. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Next to loving them, it is the best thing you could ever do for them. 💕




The Choice is Theirs

November 6, 2018

As a parent who has experienced the miracle of birth (3x) and the miracle of adoption (3x), I just want to share some food for thought on here tonight.

Adoption is a messy miracle. Some families experience more of the mess than the miracle. (Some families don’t.) Some families focus more on the mess than the miracle. (Some families don’t.) Some families choose to share more of the mess than the miracle. (Some don’t.)

Giving birth is also a messy miracle. Some families experience more of the mess than the miracle. (Some don’t.) Some families focus more on the mess than the miracle. (Some don’t.) Some families choose to share more of the mess than the miracle. (Some don’t.)

It’s all good. The choice is theirs. The entrance of a child into a family is a life-altering event, regardless of how they arrive. It’s a big deal. If intentions are good, and love abounds, how much or how little a family chooses to share about that life-altering event is up to them. What they share is up to them. Support them. Encourage them. Hear them. Value their messy and/or miraculous stories. Empower their voices, regardless of how much or how little they choose to use them. And, in the words of one of my favorite adoption advocates ever, “Extend less judgment, and more compassion.” 💕