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A Thousand Years

November 20, 2019

River’s “Gotcha Day” Gift ❤️
Sidney was the inspiration behind this year’s video. She and River have always had such a beautiful bond. Can’t wait to watch this with her (and River) tonight, as we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of his homecoming!


Sacred Clothing

November 19, 2019

My little project for National Adoption Month.
Shadow boxes displaying the clothes that Grace, Haven, and River wore on the days that I met them. ❤️


Every Nation, Tribe, & Tongue

November 19, 2019

Two weeks ago, we took these boys for their annual visit to the Chinese Christian Church in Carmel, one of my favorite places to worship. I’m always struck by the warmth and authenticity that we encounter while we’re there. So thankful to have a place to go where Grace, Haven, and River can be surrounded by Christians who look like them. It speaks a crucial, visual message into their little hearts. A message which reminds them that Jesus is the King of every nation, tribe, and tongue.


No Limits.

November 19, 2019

One of my new favorite hobbies:
Watching my 5th grade daughter play volleyball with 6th graders…and not being able to tell that she’s a 5th grader.

She serves from where they do (even though she doesn’t have to), and she’s on her way to being an excellent all-around player.

First, it was softball. Then, basketball. Now, volleyball. Proud of her for not only trying so many different sports, but pushing herself to excel at them. Her tenacity and determination knock my socks off!



November 19, 2019

Proud of Jackson! 🎳

He bowled a 324 series (108 game avg.) in his bowling league last weekend. He’s still in elementary school, yet he bowls every week against mostly high schoolers. Pretty intimidating for him. But, he has kept at it, and found his groove.

Love watching him learn the value of doing hard things that push him to be his best!




November 19, 2019

Every morning, I go to our closet, grab the coats I want the kids to wear, and put them on the floor by our garage door for the kids to pick up on their way out.

Apparently, Noel has caught on to that routine. This morning, she decided to plop herself on top of the pile, as if to say, “Nope! I’m not letting you leave me today.”

She sure loves her little people.


Beauty from the Broken

November 14, 2019

Yes. ♥