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He Gave Us the Best

June 20, 2017

“God made a lot of good dads. But, He gave us the best.”  ~Sidney Mikenna~


Words fail me as I sit here thinking about the amazing dad that Bryan is.

But, I think those sweet words that came out of Sid’s mouth yesterday morning will suffice.

#hegaveusthebest #weloveyoubryan #happyfathersday




A Father to the Fatherless

June 18, 2017

Last night, I found myself thinking about River, and those of you out there who will be spending this Father’s Day without your dad, just as he will be.

Regardless of what separates you from him (death, abandonment, disagreement, abuse, distance), I pray that the infinite love of our Heavenly Father will fill the void that your earthly father’s absence has created within your heart.  He’s a Father to the fatherless, and He cares for His children more than any earthly father ever could.  That thought comforted me tonight as I thought of our boy, who sits and waits to have a dad of his own.  I pray that he will feel his Heavenly Father’s loving presence this weekend, and that you will, too…


Making Memories

June 16, 2017

Our pretty girl got to model her great grandma’s handiwork for the judges at the Miami County Fair tonight. She did awesome onstage, and my talented grandma hit it out of the park again this year with another beautiful dress. We’ll find out during next week’s fashion show if they will walk away with a ribbon or not.

If not, no worries.

As Grandma likes to say, this isn’t just about making outfits for her grandchildren, it’s about making memories. 💕


Wonder Women

June 15, 2017

No games.
No practices.
No need to head to any softball fields last Friday night.
So, I took these Wonder Women to the movie theater instead!!



June 15, 2017

Bryan was asked last week why he, a busy father of five, would agree to help coach 3 different softball teams at once.

He responded by saying that there are many things he’ll probably regret someday, once the kids are grown and gone. But, one thing he won’t regret is all the time he spent on the field, with his girls, as their coach.

Loved that response.

So true…


Hendricks County Champs!!

June 15, 2017

~Undefeated Regular Season.
~Hendricks County Fastpitch Tourney Champs.
~Team Word: Enthusiasm.
~Team Quote: “Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart!”


“Remember that season when…”

Still, to this day, there are certain softball seasons from my childhood that stand out in my mind. Some of my greatest childhood memories were made on softball fields, with my parents as my coaches, surrounded by family and friends. I have a feeling that someday Sidney will look back on her childhood, recall this past softball season with clarity, and say, “Remember that season when…”. I sure hope that she will. And I sure hope that her teammates (including her little sister, who stepped up to help in a couple of games) will be able to do the same. What a memorable season for us all.



June 12, 2017

He’s not the son we dreamed we would have.

He’s better.

SOOOO much better.

You’re golden, Jackson Carlyle.  And we adore you.  Always have.


IMG_9021 (2)