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Fall Break Fun

October 14, 2021

Is it possible?

October 12, 2021

Is it possible for a girl to play volleyball with basically one hand? Is it possible for her to not only make her middle school team, but become a starter and all-around player? Is it possible for a limb-different athlete to earn playing time based solely on performance, and not out of pity? Is it possible to be an athlete who’s very reserved on the outside, but very competitive on the inside? Is it possible to be excellent without being exuberant? Is it possible to be an introvert and still be a good teammate? Is it possible to earn a coach’s respect not through warmth and charm, but through hard work, dependability, and quiet strength? Is it possible to care more about how many family members you have in the stands than how many middle school boys are in the student section? Is it possible to have a difficult time finding a sense of belonging in everyday life, but feel a strong sense of belonging in athletics? Is it possible to take what some might consider a “weakness” and use it as fuel to make you stronger? Is it possible to do all things through Christ, who gives us strength?

Yes, it is.

Just ask Grace. 💙


Fall Brawl CHAMPS!

October 11, 2021

Mid-State Conference Champs!!

October 9, 2021

50’s DAY

October 9, 2021
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Celebrating the 50th day of school in style!


Morganne & Her Little Sisters

October 9, 2021

Hendricks/Putnam County 10U Runners Up!

2nd place out of 19 teams. ⭐🏆⭐

Came just a couple of runs shy of 1st place.

Not bad for a team made up of mostly first year 10U players, who Morganne loved dearly! She was one of just a few second year 10U players on the team, and quickly became the mother hen of the group. Looked out for them and helped lead them. Morganne doesn’t have any little sisters at home, but she now has 9 of them out in the world, thanks to this team. She came home after the game and just cried and cried last night before I tucked her into bed. Not because they lost a close game. She was actually quite pleased with how they finished. She was just so sad that her time with this team had come to a close. She lives and loves big! She adored her coaches and teammates, and they adored her. That right there. That’s the sign of an amazing season. So grateful. 🖤

Time Well Spent

October 1, 2021

Last night was amazing! 🎼💙🎼

First high school concert for Sidney. Every performance from every choir was beautiful.

Last year, all of Sid’s middle school choir performances and the school musical were cancelled. That was a huge blow for someone like Sid, who loves to perform. So, she was very excited to get back out there and perform again tonight.

I feel like I never get to see this girl of ours anymore. Between school musical rehearsals, show choir practices, softball workouts, student government, FCA, voice lessons, hitting lessons, pitching lessons, social events, and weekend tournaments, our time spent together has gone way down these past couple of months. While that certainly bums me out, I was reminded tonight as I watched her shine onstage that our time spent apart has been time well spent. She’s out in the world, discovering who she is, wholeheartedly pursuing her many passions, and trying to soak up every high school experience that she can (just as I told her to). We’re so proud of her. She works hard, plays hard, and lives life to the fullest. I hope that never changes!

Thankful Thursday

October 1, 2021

There are few things more beautiful in this world than watching a father stand up for his daughter.

I got to witness that this past month. I got to witness the man that I love stand up for his girl in a way that I’ve never seen before. I was in awe as I watched him him obliterate an attack from a peer in a matter of minutes. Without raising his voice. Without a tinge of revenge or payback. Just love in his heart for his daughter who needed him.

It brought me to tears. I couldn’t speak. But, I didn’t need to, because Bryan spoke everything my heart wanted to say, and more.

I will never forget the way that Grace looked at her dad in those moments. I’m not sure that she has ever felt more loved by him than she did right then. Seeing that wrecked me, in the very best way.

Bryan loves his kids deeply, but he is NOT a doting father. (He leaves all of the doting up to me. So, I guess I feel like I have to do it enough for the both of us. Sorry/not sorry!) But, he has no problem speaking highly of them, when others choose to go low.

He also is not a helicopter dad. Anyone who knows him would readily agree. But, if someone continues to unjustly come after one of his children, he doesn’t hesitate to intervene and to protect.

Giving thanks for that, and for him, on this Thankful Thursday. 🖤

Bag of Bones

September 22, 2021

When you reach 50 broken bones, you deserve your own “Bag of Bones”. 🧡

We got a call from his school nurse last Friday. He had fallen at recess and couldn’t put weight on his right leg. Lots of pain, but no tears. Broken tibia again. We brought him home, and he’s been taking it easy ever since.

This battle is never-ending.

We can either choose to laugh or cry.

Some days, we do our fair share of crying, but on most days, we choose to laugh. With a little help from Cheetos, yesterday was one of those days…

First HOCO

September 22, 2021
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First homecoming dance for this freshman beauty! 💗

She was absolutely glowing.

Took my breath away…