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Amazing Grace. Seven Years. ♥

August 16, 2017

Happy Gotcha Day, Grace!

Seven years ago, you entered into our family.

You changed our lives for the better.  You awakened a new sense of purpose in our hearts.  You caused us to fall in love with adoption.  You have compelled us to adopt again, and again.  You have deepened our understanding of God’s amazing grace.

For all of those things (and more), we thank you.

#seventhyear #seventhvideo #seventhweepfest

Just like me.

August 16, 2017

“Mommy, he looks just like me!!”
One of the (many, many) reasons we decided that one adoption wasn’t enough for our family was because we wanted Grace to have a sibling who looked like her. We could tell that she wanted that. And we could tell that she needed it. Needless to say, Haven came along and took care of that. So, you can imagine the joy in my heart over these past couple of weeks as I have listened to Haven say, time and again, just how much River looks like him..and just how happy that makes him.

#adoptionrocks #oneblessingafteranother#lovemultiplies


Indiana State Fair ~ 2017

August 16, 2017

As Grandma likes to say, “I’m not just making clothing, I’m making memories.”

Loved watching Morganne model her GG’s beautiful handiwork in the fashion show at the state fair. They’ve had so much fun together over these past couple of months competing at the county and state level. Thankful for all of the wonderful memories that were made!!


Little Miss Morganne.
Enjoying a mini spelling lesson at the F-A-I-R.


One of Haven’s favorite freebies from the fair.

(Thanks, Indiana Right to Life!)


Haven and Grandpa.
Sky lift buddies!


My mama.
Indiana’s coolest librarian.
Flying solo on the sky lift.
Tackling the fairgrounds like a boss.   




Brothers work together.

August 15, 2017

Jackson is notorious for refusing to get rid of anything.  He collects.  He piles.  He stores things away.  Mostly under his bed.

I found this piece of paper in his pile of “junk” today.  I don’t know when he drew it. I don’t know why he drew it.  But, I’m glad he didn’t throw it away.

A timely message for us all.

Thank you, Jackson.


The Essentials

August 14, 2017

Sidney, Gracie, and I are starting to think about our packing list for China.

Trying hard to stick to the essentials since our luggage space will be limited.

Debating as to whether or not our glowing lightsaber chopsticks should fall under the “essential” category or not.

Tough decision…



Praying for Charlottesville

August 13, 2017

In a world filled with brokenness
manifested through hatred, racism, and evil,
we cling to you, Jesus.


The World is a Book

August 10, 2017

Keep turning the pages…